New Education Diversity to Your Future

The diversity of New Zealand’s education system means you have many options to achieve the qualification you want. Here, new thinking enables excellent choice and gives you the flexibility to change your course of study to follow your strengths.

Teaching for the 21st century

New Zealand’s higher education system encourages innovation, creativity and critical thinking, enabling you to meet the challenges of the 21st century head-on.

Global in outlook and built on a culture of research, New Zealand education focuses on developing the skills and attributes that will equip you to make the most of your knowledge and realise your full potential.

Our teachers, lecturers and professors are highly qualified, not just in their subjects but also in teaching. Many have had international experience, or have moved to New Zealand from overseas, often to pursue research in their chosen field. Most university lecturers combine research and teaching.

Supportive, interactive learning

Our teaching style, even in the largest institutions, is supportive and interactive.

Here you’ll be treated as an individual and contact teaching hours are high. Many students are genuinely surprised at how accessible our teachers make themselves. A friendly relationship with teachers with one-on-one time, is not a luxury, you deserve nothing less.

At every level, our education system rewards you for being inventive, independent and questioning. It’s why New Zealand is known around the world for producing practical, positive and inventive people who are valued by employers.