Qualifications Are Highly Regarded

It’s a place where schools focus on teaching you to solve problems creatively and to absorb, analyse and apply information. It’s the difference between truly understanding something and simply remembering it. In New Zealand, you will be encouraged to collaborate and work with other students, which supports flexible, independent thought and open debate. You will develop confidence, personal belief, and be amazed at what you learn here.

Our higher education system is on the leading edge of current trends and up to date with what’s happening globally. In fact, academics and teachers from many different coutnries choose to study and work in New Zealand to take advantage of our new thinking. It’s also why large number of studens from all over the world come here.

New Zealand qualifications are highly regarded internationally and our programmes are designed with this in mind. Golbal best practice is our minimum standard.

New Zealand maintain close and meaningful links with the rest of the world. You will be surprised at how well connected you are when it’s time to spread your wings.