New Students Always Feel at Home

As well as providing a world-class education, New Zealand is a safe country to live in. Strangers are welcomed as friends.

The landscape is stunning and people are kind and helpful. After your studies are completed, we wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to stay a while longer; many students do.

You always Feel Safe in New Zealand

While New Zealand educated students’ PISA scores say a lot about the quality of our education, the quality of the overall experience is ensured by our Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

New Zealand values the quality of education and care students receive so highly that we were the first country to introduce a code. Any school that accepts an international student must follow this code. The code covers the entire education process. It guarantees full disclosure of facts and fees. It ensures schools are marketed appropriately and accurately. It requires schools to provide both academic and pastoral support, and empowers staff to give advice and support to international students.

The pastoral care staff monitor international students’ attendance at school and keep in touch with parents. They also take responsibility for ensuring that homestays and school boarding facilities are safe (physical and emotional) environments. We believe these are the conditions you need in order to feel safe and to achieve your best.